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Secretary/Office Manager

Shelley Wood

I grew up in Ohio across the creek from a Presbyterian Church, my brothers and mother and I attended every Sunday. Even though the church was very small they took very seriously the task of providing faith development, particularly to children and youth. I knew early on that Jesus loved me and I loved him. When my husband and I decided to move to Georgia, finding a new church home became a high priority for me. While I might not have been gangbusters about having to move, God’s hand was in the details of my life placing me in this congregation. He surrounded me with strong faith mentors and friends that encouraged me to study the Bible, and to become active with the circles and Sunday School – even to leading numerous classes. Becoming the church secretary was an incredible leap of faith on the part of the church and myself, 25 years later, I can say, “It’s all been good.” When I look back at the girl that I was to the woman that I am now I know that it all has been by the grace of God.

Director 0f Music

Pam Fields

I realized my faith in Christ at an early age through my mother who faithfully took me church. Throughout my life, I have searched for a church home to be fed spiritually and musically. My faith in Christ has continued to grow throughout my life in both times of blessings and times of disappointment. God has blessed me with musical talents that I have shared by singing in the church choir and playing handbells. One day God nudged me in a position of directing the choir. Though only a temporary position at first, it opened up new possibilities of sharing God’s love. Since then, God has given me the confidence and direction to lead others to share their musical gifts. Through this position, I am able to share God’s love in a way that I could never do by myself. It keeps me humbled, focused and helps me prioritize what is important in life.


Cheryl Fambro

I was very blessed to have Christian parents – we were at church every time the doors were open. At age 13, I realized that I needed to pray and ask Jesus to come into my heart. A few years after that I began playing piano for various events at church and have been playing ever since.

Looking back I realize that I was called to be an accompanist as surely as preachers are called to preach. My favorite hymn sums up the way I feel about my ministry: To God Be The Glory.

Nursery Staff

Becky Turner

Nursery Staff

Barbara Barton

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